Guidelines for parents

    • Ensure that your child is regular & punctual. Incentive prizes are instituted for students with 100% attendance.
    • Text books and notebooks will be provided by the school. Parents may however be asked to provide materials needed for certain special projects.
    • The school does not encourage children to be taken early or brought late to the school. In case it is unavoidable, the parents must make a note to the class teacher. While taking a child early from the school, a permission note must be collected from the Class teacher/The principal.
    • Children should be escorted to and from the school by authorised person only.
    • Ensure that your child comes to school neatly dressed and maintains the dress code prescribed for them.
    • Parents are requested to send wholesome and healthy lunch in unbreakable containers, along with a towel.
    • Parents are requested to inform the school if the child is unwell. In the event of contagious diseases, Parents are advised to keep the child at home.
    • Do not meet the teachers during class hour without the permission of the Principal.
    • Give all complaints in writing.
    • Excursions are part of education. Encourage your child to avail of this facility as it develops team spirit, co-operation and leadership among the children.
    • The school expects your whole hearted participation in all the school functions and work shops conducted by the school in the interest of your child.
    • The schools Counselors are available at school on all working days, during school hours. In the event of any academic or emotional stress, you may contact the Counselors through the class teacher.
    • Go through the diary daily; see that is brought to school everyday. It is an excellent channel of communication.
    • Kindly ensure that your child sets aside timely school work daily. You are requested not to create an atmosphere of stress at home as regards to academic pursuits. How ever, you are most welcome to discuss any point pertaining to the child with the Principal or the respective teacher after consulting the Principal.


    • Parents must submit a written request and provide one month notice for any of the above withdrawals
    • In the case of mid-term withdrawal from school/hostel, the parents are liable to pay the full fee for the remaining terms also.
    • T.C .s will be issued only after settlement of all dues.
    • A transfer certificate fee of Rs.100/- would be levied for issue of T.C.s.
    • T.C.s can be released only after three weeks of the receipt of the T.C.s application. Please note that most T.C.s have to be counter signed by the Asst. Secretary, Regional Office, CBSE, Chennai.
    • Once a child is admitted, the admission fee is not refundable.

    Disciplinary Actions

    Breaking any of the school rules/dress code will entail disciplinary action in the following stages

    • 1st stage: Verbal warning.
    • 2nd stage: Intimation to parents by the teacher.
    • 3rd stage: Meeting of teacher with the parents.
    • 4th stage: Meeting of the parents or guardian with the principal
    • Further offences will be dealt with severely through suspension or dismissal..

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